• Date
    April 2019
  • Project
    App/Product Design, Mobile UI/UX, Service Design, Art Direction
ODEON project preview

Collaborating with Manchester design agency E3Creative (now DEPT Agency) & ODEON Cinema, this brief was to help ODEON who had just situated in Manchester's Great Northern with the task of maintaining returning customers (on a regular basis) as well as filling up sixteen screen-rooms and over 3,000 seats. As project lead in the group we redesigned the ODEON mobile app, making it possible for users to pre-book tickets (seating) & food in advance for arriving at the cinema. It would also save specific preferences to the user’s profile such as their favourite food items as well as recommending certain films that they may like to watch (and at certain hours), catering & making it a more personal experience for each individual user via the use of predictive analytics.

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